Why Builders and Agents Choose Us

  • The Preferred Lender for Builders


    We know builders want lenders who will perform and close on time. When a home is built and doesn’t settle, the cost to the builder is huge.

    1. We’re local. Our loan officers, processors, underwriters, appraisers and closers all live and work in our market, making the lending process for builders seamless and efficient.
    2. We offer diverse loan products that create more buyers. We’re a direct seller to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Our lending solutions include FHA, VA, FHLB and Jumbo loans, in-house portfolio programs for common sense loans, and bridge financing to help close.
    3. We close on time, all the time. Our experienced loan officers and customer-oriented operations ensure a smooth and timely closing. We properly qualify customers up front before you start to build to reduce your market risk.
  • The Preferred Lender for Agents


    We are the gold standard lender for real estate agents because they know we’ll get the result they want: A happy, satisfied buyer.

    1. We close every time, on time. Agents rely on us to get their buyer to the finish line. Always.
    2. We make agents look good. Our excellent customer service is a direct reflection of the referring agent’s brand. We are a proven leader in our community.
    3. We’re highly competitive. Agents know that we have the network and resources to secure the best rates for their buyer.
    4. We communicate clearly. We recognize that clear communication and transparency are essential elements of a successful sales transaction.